So Good

Just as any good fruit bowl has a mix of fruits that vary from the top to the bottom, Poseidon by Cyclops Vapor isn’t quite the same on the inhale as it is on the exhale. The delectable mix of berries and melons delivers a slightly different experience every time.

Looking to have a fruitful experience of vaping? Give Cyclops Vapor Poseidon a try! It features a mouthwatering combination of two delicious fruits melons and berries that are surely going to give you a distinct yet a pleasant experience. You are definitely going to love this blend!

Three delicious yet distinct fruits wrapped into one awesome tasting E Juice. Strawberry Guava Jackfruit by Pacha Mama is the perfect melding of sweet ripened strawberries, tropical guava, and sweet jackfruit.

Inhaling the Strawberry Guava Jackfruit gives you a nice blend of strawberries and jackfruit.  A waterfall of delicious fruit flavors that melts quickly in your mouth.  On exhale, the tropical guava flavor is first revealed and compliments the strawberry and jackfruit perfectly for a powerful fruit trio.

Despite what you may initially think, Cosmic Fog’s Chewberry is not your mama’s mixture of tobacoo chew and berries.  What it does blend is actually quite magical.  Picture this, strawberries, passion fruit and tropical fruit blend all mixed into a perfect ejuice.  That is what Chewberry is.

Chewberry is a unique flavor that combines some of the best tropical fruits with some classics.  Take a hit and enjoy the sweet strawberry and passion fruit blend.  When you exhale try to find all the different tropical flavors subtly mixed into this proprietary flavor.

Another in the Dripmore iconic drink line, Peacy Tea infused sweet peaches with a sweet tea for a powerful flavor punch. Add in some tartness and this is the perfect e Juice for those peach lovers.

Bring back summer any time with this tantalizing blend of ripe peaches and sweet tea. With each inhale you will taste that refreshing sweetened tea almost as if you were drinking from the glass. The exhale brings the slightly tart aftertaste of peach. This flavor perfectly blends your favorite crisp beverage with sweetened peaches and a slightly tart aftertaste. If you are a fan of peaches, this is the flavor for you.

Strizzy from Ruthless Vapor is a fine fruit flavor mashup you will be happy to vape. Sweet kiwi’s are blended with tarty raspberries and delicious strawberries to create this wonderfully refreshing explosion in the mouth.

The blend of three flavors is a powerhouse that is capable of producing an extraordinary tasting cloud. When you inhale it, the flavor of kiwi and strawberry will run through your mouth all day long. This will provide an excellent treat for your taste buds. When you exhale it, you can taste the raspberry flavor. This magical juice will not have any charring sensation.

Sweet and ripe strawberry with tart and tangy kiwi topped off with slightly sour pomegranates.  This is Naked 100’s Brain Freeze.  A vapor flavor explosion served super cold.

When you inhale it, you get a burst of pomegranate and kiwi along with an undertone of menthol. On the other hand, when you exhale, the hint of cold menthol gets stronger. This vaping juice has a subtle throat hit and will not irritate your throat. Brain Freeze is a mellow menthol vaping juice. With this e juice, you can make everything better.

Simple as it sounds, Frozen Berries by Frozen Vape Co. is cold pressed blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries mixed together to make a refreshing bold fruit medley with a slight hint of cooling menthol to mimic that frozen sensation.

For all the berry lovers, the Frozen Berries is an ideal choice. A great thing about this vaping juice is its well-balanced flavors of berries. When you inhale, your mouth will be bombarded with the best concoction of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. The cooling effect when you exhale is acquired from menthol. This an excellent vaping juice to keep your cravings at bay.

The inaugural Space Jam flavor, Andromeda is a unique blend of fresh blueberries with the exotic and tart pomegranates.  A flavor explosion that will want you coming back for more.

Andromeda breaks the mold from all the fruit flavors.  Beam up a kick of fresh pomegranate flavor with each inhale.  Couple this lasting flavor with a burst of ripe blueberries that make a delicious mixture.  If you are wanting a fruit flavor that is out of this world, give andromeda a go.

Brewell Vapory Brewnana Breakfast Blend #123 is another popular breakfast blend.  Sliced bananas on top of a bed of frosted corn flakes is what you get with every puff.

Make your breakfast time the happiest time of the day by having the delicious Brewell Vapory Brewnana Breakfast Blend. It has a taste of fresh bananas and frosted corn flakes. Each puff of this e-juice is going to be rich with flavors.

Strawberry Jelly Donut by Loaded E Juice is a premium vape flavor manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. This delicious dessert vape gives you the sensation of biting into a hot from the oven donut with some strawberry jelly to finish off the puff.

Another scrumptious flavor of Ejuice is the loaded strawberry jelly donuts. Just by a single puff of this flavor you get your taste buds covered by the bright flavor of a freshly baked pastry from doughnut with a cool jam filled strawberry aftertaste.  Its vegetable and propylene allows you to have big vapes and makes it soft on the throat. As you inhale, the strawberry jelly donut explodes on your palate and on exhalation the powdered sugar leaves your mouth in pure satisfaction.