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Dark Brotherhood ANGL Hoodie Review
Joining the Dark Brotherhood can be difficult (and messy), but you can skip the deadly initiation with this Dark Brotherhood ANGL Hoodie from the Bethesda Store. The hoodie design is inspired by the shrouded robes typically worn by the Brotherhood, with wine-colored sleeves and an oversized hood. The hoodie has a cross-body zipper that looks effortlessly stylish, whether it’s worn half zipped with a cowl or zipped up completely. It’s available for pre-sale right now for $58 at the Bethesda Store. 

The Fabric:
I think my favorite part of this hoodie is the lightweight, but warm fabric. It’s a mixture of cotton and polyester, without a lining. The hoodie is thick enough to keep warm in Skyrim temperatures and thin enough to stay cool in Elsweyr. The pockets are open, but are placed in such a way that it’s almost impossible for things to fall out - which is a big plus when you’re looting your last target. 

The Design:
The hoodie has a subtle reference to Skyrim with the “We Know” logo that only fans of the franchise will recognize. I also love the wine colored accents and the large cowl because they look inspired by the shrouded robes the Brotherhood wears. It’s all very Skyrim looking, while still being stylish. My only complaint with the design is that it’s difficult to style when it’s open because the large cowl can look a bit busy when unzipped. 

The Features:
The hoodie has a feed for headphones in both pockets, so you can listen to the music of life all day (hint: it’s Silence, my brother). It also has thumb holes that are great for keeping your hands warm, plus it makes you look more like an assassin. 

All in all, I would definitely recommend this hoodie to any Elder Scrolls fan. It’s extremely comfortable, stylish, and wearable (especially during this spring transitional weather).  

If you’ve never owned a hoodie with a cross-body zipper or are unsure of how to rock this one, definitely check out my video on how to wear the oversize hood/cowl a few different ways. 


Disclosure: Dark Brotherhood ANGL Hoodie was provided by Bethesda Store and Treehouse Brand Stores for Console to Closet to review. 

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