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December Update

Hey lovely readers,

I’m taking a brief break from designing outfits for the rest of December. I’m going to use the break to spend time with my family, fiancé, and friends, as well as re-focus on C2C’s future. I’ve got a lot of big ideas for the blog, but haven’t had any time to hatch them out! So this is a little bit of sad news, but will turn into happy news in the new year! I’ll still be on the interwebz as usual on my personal twitter and instagram, so please don’t be a stranger. 

Enjoy your holidays and expect bigger and better things come 2014! 

- Amanda

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  1. purveyorofnonsense said: Hope you have a lovely time with your family, & I can’t wait to see what other outfits you have in store! :)
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  3. darksnip3r said: Can’t wait to see what’s next!
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