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Amanda’s Birthday Week: Underrated Outfits

Often outfits that I absolutely love, go completely under the radar. I think it’s partially due to the game not being widely known or popular, or even the style of the clothing being a little “out there” in comparison to mainstream fashion. Either way, I still make outfits like this because I love weird games and the more experimental fashion. Here are some of my fav outfits that I felt were underrated on the blog:

Vincent Brooks (Catherine): I know of a few people who actually enjoyed Catherine, myself being one of them, and it always surprises me. The game was insanely clever, great gameplay, and an interesting story. I think this outfit captures a lot of the game in a very trendy way.

Sofi (Lucidity): Easily one of my favorite indie games, Lucidity follows the dreams of a little girl and her relationship with her grandma. I absolutely love this outfit, especially the winter accessories, and would wear it in a heart beat.

Carmen Sandiego (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?): I think this outfit perfectly combines Carmen’s mysterious nature and wordly vibe in a casual way. I really wish I owned every piece featuring in this one.

Lydia (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim): I’m a huge fan of layering for the colder months and love how these pieces work together to create a casual, but fashionable outfit. I had a lot of difficulty getting this one right and once I finally pieced it all together, I had created one of my favorite outfits to date.

Posts may be a little late this weekend as I’m in Boston! I know I owe you guys a male Glass Armor outfit and will do so as soon as I’m back from vacation! Thank you so much for the support and remember that voting was extended until Monday, so please keep hitting that green button

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