Console to Closet | Fashion Inspired by Video Game

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Step 1: Watch my new vlog featuring not one, but TWO outfits inspired by Sonic & Tails. Bonus: Like and comment, but only if you’re awesome.

Step 2: Click here and vote for my vlog to join the Geek & Sundry vlog channel. Out of the 30 vloggers in this round, only 10 will join G&S. Please support C2C and hit the little green vote button.

Step 3: Bookmark this page and vote every day until July 19th! You can vote on multiple devices, so might as well bookmark it everywhere. 

Step 4: Check out the leader boards here and watch some other vloggers. There are some spectacular ones, including my good friend Mitch from The Drunken Moogle. Take a second and repeat steps 1-3 with his vlog too! 

Step 5: Reblog this post with what outfits you want to see in my next vlog! 

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