Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, I want to request [enter character here]!!

Sounds great! Just send it in to either our email or on the Ask page. I keep a record of all requests, so don’t panic if I don’t get to yours immediately. Also note that if you submit anonymously, I won’t be able to message you once you’re request is done!

I don’t get it. [Blank] character would never wear this and it doesn’t look anything like the character in the game.

If I made every outfit just a replica of each character’s in game costume, it would be a very different blog, more than likely in the cosplay sphere of things. I chose to do inspired outfits that are, first and foremost, fashionable so that anyone could wear them and still feel geeky. These outfits are not cosplay and they are not a real life outfit that the character would wear. It is what it is: Fashion inspired by Games.

Why do some of the outfits contain ridiculously priced items?

I usually have an image in my head when I’m creating the outfits, and I know what I want to include to make them inspired by a certain character. Occasionally though I can’t find that particular item in an affordable price – so I choose the expensive one hoping that it will inspire you to find something similar. These outfits for the most part can be bought online as a whole, but I hope that they can also offer inspiration on how to revamp your own wardrobe.

Where are the dude-fits?

Trust me, I want to create guy outfits so badly. However, due to the lack of guy clothing on the websites that I use to create the outfits, it’s extremely difficult to make “good” guy outfits. I’m still researching some possibilities of an alternative way to create guy outfits, but for now, they will remain limited. I’m really sorry that it’s the case, but just know that I’m doing everything in my power to figure out how to create more on a regular basis.

You’re outfits are ugly. Why don’t you make outfits in [insert style here] style?

I try extremely hard to choose different styles for a lot of my outfits, but I also keep in mind the current trends at the moment. It’s a difficult balance in keeping the outfits inspired but also fashionable. If you feel like I’m missing out on a big style, please feel free to message me.

Some of the earlier outfits have different names on them – what’s the deal?

We actually changed names like ten times before deciding on Console to Closet. The other names were, to put it lightly, awful.

Can you make me a personalized outfit for [insert event here]?

It’s on a case by case basis. Drop me an email and we can talk!

Can you make an outfit inspired by [insert NON-video game character here]?

Nope. Read the tagline: Fashion inspired by Games.

If I put together an outfit based off one of yours, will you feature me on here?

Yes! I love posting community outfits on C2C’s tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc. It’s so cool to see when someone has taken C2C’s inspired outfits and totally made them their own. Send in your outfits or under the submit page!