Video games have a high aesthetic quality, whether it’s detailed graphics, intricate environments, or stylized characters. Fashion shares this quality. Thus, Console to Closet was born. I create outfits inspired by my favorite video game characters, items, and places.

I love video games. I’ve gamed as long as I can remember on every system from the NES to the XBox 360. Gaming has a habit of seeping into all aspects of my life and because of that, my hobby has become a part of who I am.

I also love fashion. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer and I think that dream has always stayed with me. I love shopping and I often pick out my outfits days in advance.

With these two loves constantly bumping heads, I decided to create wearable (and fashionable) outfits inspired by my favorite video games.

My name is Amanda McGinnis, but am known online mostly as LadySnip3r. I’m currently a University student finishing up a degree in English and hope to create a career for myself in the gaming industry. I’m also a novice cosplayer. You can chat me up on my twitter @LadySnip3r, but I’m also on instagram, reddit, pinterest, and deviant art – I practically live on the internet so don’t be a stranger!