Bioshock Infinite


Outfit inspired by Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

I wanted to replicate the vintage style of the game through a longer cut skirt. The shirt is reminiscent of Elizabeth’s first outfit with the front tie. I also chose a cameo necklace to add more of a vintage splash and bird earrings as a nod to Song Bird.

Skirt: Forever 21, Top: Marshalls, Necklace: Vintage Stone, Earrings: Lucky Brand, Bracelets: Forever 21

Style Advice: When wearing a front tie top, be sure to tie up the top before you button it. The buttons secure the tie from coming undone and keep it positioned nicely.

Since there’s no new outfit today (I apologize – I’m super swamped with my last exam coming up on Wednesday), I thought I’d still give you a gaming inspired outfit! This one is inspired by Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and put together by me in real life! I’m starting to do more and more inspired outfits in my daily attire and figured I’d share the best ones on here periodically.

editorial shoot inspired by Resident Evil

I hope you all enjoyed C2C’s first editorial shoot inspired by Resident Evil! I really wanted to capture the style and creepiness of the game combined with an edgy, grunge look. This is definitely something I want to continue to due every so often, along with the outfits, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the shoot!

I would also like to thank everyone who helped out with the shoot. Big thank you to my fiancé Tyler for taking these gorgeous photos and basically organizing the whole thing. Thanks Virginia for being an amazing Chris Redfield and pointing me in the right style direction. Thank you Chelsea for bringing so many of your own clothing pieces and for being a spectacular model. Zombies, you guys looked great and were hilarious – Thank you Mike, Jared, and Eric “Boom” Lee. I wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you, so thank you. Special thanks goes out to Insert Coin Clothing for giving me the Chris Redfield shirt that sparked the inspiration for this shoot.

For those interested in more information about what we’re wearing, here it is:

Wesker #1 (Amanda – Far Right): Dress – Forever 21, Boots – Target, Bracelets – Forever 21, Tights – J. Crew

Wesker #2 (Chelsea – Not Pictured in Outfit) – Dress – her own, Boots – her own, Jewelry – Forever 21

Chris Redfield (Virginia – Middle): Shorts – Free People, Tights – Black Milk, Top – Insert Coin Clothing

Excella (Chelsea – Left): Dress – Forever 21, Jewelry – Forever 21, Shoes – Banana Republic

Been a while

Things almost always tend to come full circle for me -whether I’m expecting it or not. About 6 months ago, I landing my dream job working in video games (see post immediately below). I thought I could juggle Console to Closet, my new job, moving, new puppy, newlywed life, and of course, play video games…but I was mistaken. I decided to focus solely on my new job and creating a happy work/life balance, which has been absolutely fantastic for the past few months. But, I felt like a piece of who I am was missing. I lost my creative outlet for everything gaming and fashion…I had abandoned my baby, Console to Closet.Well, after 6 months of hiatus, I am back. Last night was the Bioware Fashion Show at PAX Prime. Initially, I thought I was able to attend, but unfortunately, couldn’t go to PAX last minute so I had to miss the show. I anxiously refreshed Twitter to see the newest Bioware clothing, since Mass Effect is my all time favorite gaming franchise. After seeing some ridiculously cool designs (see next post), I decided that it was time. I needed to get back on the Console to Closet horse and post about gaming fashion again! My first outfit on Console to Closet was inspired by Commander Shepard and it took seeing some Mass Effect inspiration to get my creative wheels turning again. (See, the whole full circle did actually make sense :P)

I still haven’t worked out all of the often I’ll post…what I’ll post…but I had to say something because I miss you all so much <3

Hi-Rez Studios

So my big news is out!I recently joined Hi-Rez Studios as their Community Manager for Smite on the Xbox One! It’s my dream job and I am so excited to move to Atlanta and start in a few weeks.Since I’ll be moving in the next few weeks and starting this new job, I have to put C2C on the back burner until I get my life in order. I’ll be cutting back on posts until I get settled, so expect some new outfits early April!I just want to thank all of you for supporting me over the past (almost) 3 years. You’ve kept me going when I didn’t think I could, you’ve been there through some crazy life changes, you’ve always supported the stuff I’ve created. I can’t say it enough how grateful I am for each and every one of you. You guys are the best <3

PS. You guys should all go sign up for the Smite Xbox Beta! Then we can play together 😀